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This toolkit finds application to new Housing Projects and to Housing Projects where the transfer of ownership to Beneficiaries has not been effected.

What then is its primary purpose?

  • To assist officials and professionals involved in housing projects to systematically address the complexities of assembling land parcels that make up the Project Area including the complex linkages to the Development Rights that must be obtained.
  • In the case of ‘blocked’ Projects, to systematically audit the status of such Projects and to formulate a specific strategy (legal and administratively) to ‘unblock’ the Project to enable the transfer of ownership to be effected in the shortest time frame.

How are the procedural steps executed?

The steps proposed may be executed in parallel with each other but certain steps cannot be concluded before other steps are concluded – this is set out in the Toolkit.

How are the costs provided for in the case of ‘blocked’ Projects?

  • On completion of the audit a business plan must be prepared in order to determine the funding that will be required ‘over and above’ what is left, if any, of the Project Budget in terms of the the National Housing Subsidy Scheme.
  • Then an immediate engagement with the Provincial Department of Human Settlements must commence in order to secure additional funding according to the Business Plan prepared.
The Land and Planning Regularisation Toolkit was developed by Peter Hoffman and Chris Carter from GeoAfrika with funding from the IFC supported by SECO and the World Bank Group.
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