Beneficiary Administration & Transfer Toolkit
Title deed primary transfer process for subsidy properties.

The Toolkit

The beneficiary administration & transfer toolkit is specifically designed to assist housing authorities with the primary transfer of subsidy properties to validated owners in delayed transfer projects.
The process outlined in the toolkit presumes there are no counter-signed sale agreements for the properties in the project.
The toolkit envisages an optimised environment that enables the administration of beneficiaries and occupants to be done securely and efficiently. That environment does not yet exist. Key processes that rely on as yet to be developed infrastructure or information sharing Memoranda of Understanding are flagged as suggestions for improvement as part of a Maturity Roadmap. Solutions that can be used in the interim are included in the toolkit.
The toolkit is based on the experience of the Transaction Support Centre (TSC) in Makhaza, Khayelitsha. The TSC was directly and materially assisted by Stefan Grobler and Coenraad Calitz of Tenure Administration and Transfers in the City of Cape Town's Human Settlements Directorate. Without their input and guidance the compilation of this toolkit and the work of the TSC on primary transfers in Makhaza would not have been possible.
The development of this toolkit was funded by a grant from National Treasury's Cities Support Programme, through GTAC and was developed by the Transaction Support Centre (TSC) which operates with support from the Oppenheimer Generations Foundation.
The TSC is a joint-initiative of research consultancy 71point4 and the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF).
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